GTM server-side Client fetching current weather conditions from an OpenWeather API

Peter Meyer

Years ago I read the first articles about sending weather tracking as extra data in Google Analytics tracking hits.
If I’m not mistaken, one of the first ones was this one written by Simo Ahava:

Weather data is as a great addition to web analytics implementations on a lot of different types of websites.
As an example, companies in areas like travel and hospitality could benefit from using it.

R not connecting to API’s through proxy?

Peter Meyer

If you’re accessing the internet through some sort of company proxy server, then you might have had issues connecting to API’s in R.
I got the problem while trying to use the RSiteCatalyst library, and I didn’t really get any error messages, that made it clear to me what was causing the issue.

But then I stumbled upon the solution, while I was searching Google for a solution, after a lot of unsuccessful attempts.
It helps a lot, if you, more specifically, know what to search for 😉

Checkout WAW CPH

Peter Meyer


If you don’t know about it already, the Danish agency IIH Nordic organizes Web Analytics Wednesday Copenhagen several times a year.

Despite the fact, that it is named “Web Analytics”, the Copenhagen version spans different subject from the world of digital marketing.