About Me

Hi, I’m Peter!

I’m a native Dane, working with technical stuff in the field of web analytics.

I previously worked at the Jellyfish, in the Copenhagen office, as a Data & Analytics Director.
I have also worked at companies like Nordea, IIH Nordic, GN ReSound and Aller Media.

I have experience working with products like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Omniture SiteCatalyst/Adobe Analytics, Tealium iQ, Ensighten Manage, Sitecore CMS and a lot of other stuff.

This blog was created by me, to serve as a way of sharing knowledge with like-minded people.
Some of the things shared here, might have been made by me, but other things might be by other people.
But common for everything here, will be to share good stuff with others.

Welcome to my blog!
Please feel free to comment, and possibly share your own experiences with the subject I write about.

All the best,

Black & White photo of Peter Meyer